Gameday Butterflies

As eluded to in our About Us section, our meeting each other was somewhat of a collision. We are all connected in various ways, but until very recently had never spent time with each other. It feels providential then, a term we all use lightly, to be brought together at this place and time. As women connected to the Baylor community we have been heartbroken by the stories of survivors of sexual assault on campus. As ministers, the best response we know is to point others to God, to educate the church, and to offer space for grief, sorrow, anger, and the like.

We have chosen the medium of liturgy to accomplish our goals. We are all profoundly shaped by liturgy, and believe in the power of the communal experience. We have carefully crafted, the best of our ability, a responsive experience for church services, small groups, and personal reflection. We have agonized over every word, every connotation, and yet we know there is a possibility we have unintentionally caused harm. We prayerfully move forward, with all the courage we can muster, humbly offering this resource to our community.


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