Who are we?

That’s a loaded question! To say we are a group of friends might be misleading though we are certainly growing in friendship. As women in helping professions, we have learned how much we need community and simultaneously how challenging it can be to make time for it. Challenging in the sense of busy schedules, but also challenging in the sense that we often lack the emotional energy to invest in the vulnerability that true friendship requires. Yet somehow, we all recognized our need for each other.

In short, while identifying a craving for intellectually stimulating conversation, we found each other. One set of friends invited another and another and so on. As we finally met together we realized how much we would benefit from the leaning-in. After only one time together we committed, radically in some ways, to each other, to meet weekly, to pray for each other, to support and challenge each other.

Why “Strong Women”?

Another good question! Our Facebook chat needed a label and the name stuck! Nothing terribly profound at first glance, however, it is fair to say that we often see strong women in each other but fail to see the same thing in ourselves individually. This title is a constant reaffirmation of our lives and callings that subtly presents itself every time we see a message notification from our “Strong Women” group.



One thought on “About

  1. This sounds amazing! I’d love to learn more and meet you. I host a womyn’s writing circle & really appreciate the space you hold to empower, affirm, and celebrate the strength of womyn! Thank you for this work.


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